Smriti slams Oppn over demand for ‘immediate’ implementation of quota
   Date :21-Sep-2023

Smriti slams Oppn 
UNION Minister Smriti Irani on Wednesday slammed the Opposition over its demand for an immediate implementation of quota under Women’s Reservation Bill, asking it whether it wished to follow the constitutional process. Intervening in the discussion on the constitutional amendment bill to provide reservation for women, the Women and Child Development Minister hit out at the Opposition, such as the Samajwadi Party, for demanding reservation for minorities, saying they do not know that reservation based on religion is “prohibited” by the Constitution.
Responding to Opposition’s demand that the reservation be implemented with immediate effect, Irani read out provisions of the Constitution regarding Census and delimitation to drive home the point that it was necessary to include in the bill. “Is it the wish of Opposition leaders that constitutional process is not followed? Should we not abide by the Constitution? Is that the position taken by the Opposition parties?” she said.