Three more cheetahs shifted to big enclosure, total 7 ready for wild
   Date :21-Sep-2023

 Staff Reporter
Three more cheetahs Aasha, Gamini and Prabhas were shifted to a big enclosure from quarantine cubical at Kuno National Park (KNP) on Wednesday. Team has started shifting of cheetahs to big enclosure for further release into wild after performing their health check-up. Earlier on Sunday and Monday, four cheetahs Gaurav, Shaurya, Agni and Vayu were shifted to the enclosure. There are total 7 cheetahs healthy for the wild and they all have been shifted to the big enclosure. However, the cub and eight other cheetahs are still there in quarantine. Officials of KNP said that female cheetah Aasha, Gamini and male cheetah Prabhas were quarantine for health check up. As they have been found fit, they have been released into big enclosure under guidance if senior authorities. All these seven cheetahs are now free to kill their prey and adequate space for movement.
Officials said remaining eight cheetahs will be soon shifted to the enclosure. However, cheetahs likely to be released in wild again only after onset of winter. Medical team found these seven cheetah healthy and fit for the wild due to which they were released in enclosure. According to officials of Kuno National Park, Vayu and Agni were released into big enclosure on Monday morning while Gaurav and Shaurya were sent to enclosure on Monday. All these cheetahs were rescued back to quarantine from wild after developing infection. Cheetahs who were infected were kept in quarantine and treated under monitoring of senior authorities. These two cheetahs were in quarantine since June 29. Other two cheetahs Gaurav and Shaurya were released into big enclosure on Sunday.
These two cheetahs are brother and they were quarantined since July 19. After developing infection, cheetahs were tranquillised from wild and sent to quarantine Boma. DFO Prakash Verma said, “All cheetahs are healthy and doing well. These seven cheetahs were declared physically fit for wild due to which they have been sent to big enclosure where they can kill their prey and make movement freely. Further decision to release them into wild will be taken by the concerned authorities.”