Date :26-Sep-2023

dev aanand
■ By Rahul Dixit :
A HARMLESS, gentle stroke on the nose tries to comfort the harried beauty eager to return home before dusk. The man keeps pleading for contentment of the evening. The legendary Rafi Saab and the magically versatile Asha Tai elevate the melody of Jaidev to a delightful level. The gorgeous Sadhana squirms in happy discomfort. And with effortless ease, Dev Saab lifts the idea of a pure, unfiltered romance to a new apogee, softly singing ‘Abhi na jaao chhod kar, ke dil abhi bhara nahi...’ The man who introduced the art of romancing life dishes out yet another unmissable moment for posterity.

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Dev Anand enlivens that moment and lives on, forever, in the hearts of the long legion of his fans. On this day, the legion would have raised a toast for their icon on his 100th birthday. The toast will still be raised for Dev Saab for the enrichment he brought in the mundane lives of his fans for decades. The hopelessly wonderful romantic lives on through the black-and-white frames showing his swaying body, crooning honeyed melodies, his hat doffing to beauties, his own, iconic style killing competition, his substance leaving an indelible mark. The birth centenary of Dharamdev Pishorimal Anand of Gurdaspur is an occasion to celebrate the man, who made style and substance as his own possessions. For over six decades and hundreds of films as actor, producer and director, Dev Anand ruled hearts with a distinct tenderness in the little frame oozing out flamboyance.
The legacy he has left is not a statistic to be measured in hard numbers which denote the commercial facet of a hit and a miss. Dev Babu was beyond commerce, not to be counted as a top-grosser but as an idealist who could invigorate emotions with a stylish nod of the puffed hair or a simple swish of the index finger. Those were the cues of a rare mysticism that his fans experienced, the ladies all the more! The original chocolate hero could cast a dynamic spell whose hangover still persists. Generations later, Dev Anand is still a phenomenon that matches the maturity of a scotch! The phenomenon had had many shades, each endearing in its own right. The man besotted by simplicity in Asli Naqli, the hard task-master ready to smoke away his worries in Hum Dono, the determined hustler in Baazi, the peacemaker in Tere Ghar Ke Saamne, the conman seeking redemption in Bambai Ka Babu, and even the professional thief in the guise of a saint in Swami Dada. Dev Anand lorded the characters, the roles, with his enigmatic persona, with his distinct style, and with unquestionable love for his character and cinema.
The young man, who had landed in the tinsel town from Punjab with just Rs 30 in his pocket, was always a giver to his craft. He was in love with the dream world called Hindi film industry. And he stayed true to his first love in every possible capacity, adding a special luster to the history of Indian cinema. Dev Anand’s reign was a wonderful ride for the entire country. He played the protagonist championing the cause of idealism and then he also provided a special aura to the anti-hero image by essaying roles of characters in conflict with law. The wide array Dev Anand explored as an actor holds the mantra for the current and future generations. And he also gives a remarkable lesson in the art of carrying poise with élan. Dignity was definitely the perpetual companion of Dev Saab. He could display it with a certain grace,adefining confidence. He would carry it with an unmatched charm that rubbed on to his co-stars with supreme ease.
The female leads against Dev Anand still vouch for the comfort he brought to them. To a certain extent, Dev Saab’s company played a key role in bringing out the best in some of his female leads. Waheeda Rehman blossomed alongside Dev Saab’s Raju in Guide, Nutan switched to her impish best with Dev Anand as the co-star in Tere Ghar ke Saamne, Suchitra Sen took out her carefree mischief for the Bambai Ka Babu, Zeenat Aman poured out her youthfulness to woo Heera in Heera Panna. Dev Saab always played the vehement encourager with all his co-stars. This is the great legacy of Dev Saab that demands a grand celebration. He inspired the stars as much as he charmed the commoners. A simple, theatre audience reaction in the nondescript movie Cinema Cinema, perhaps, sums up the influence Dev Saab enjoyed on the commoners. The quasi-commentary has perfectly encapsulated what Hindi film heroes mean to their fans. Watching Dev Anand on the silver screen, a die-hard innocently blurts out,“Dev Babu, aap jab bhi bulaaonge, Hum zaroor aayenge.” This was the magic of the phenomenon called Dev Anand. A phenomenon that must be savoured with golden drops. The magic lives on, ke dil abhi b h a r a a nahi…