Gandhi Sagar readied as Second Home for cheetahs
   Date :10-Feb-2024

Gandhi Sagar  
By Ankita Garg
Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary situated in Madhya Pradesh Mandsaur district is well prepared to be second home for cheetahs. Wildlife experts’ team from South Africa is reviewing the preparations and conditions of the sanctuary for last two days. Officials said that based on report of the team, decision to bring cheetah will be taken by authorities. The sanctuary is spread over 64 sqkm of area and prepared with cost of Rs 17.72 crores. Entire area is protected with wire fencing. Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of Mandsaur Sanjay Raikheda said, “All preparations to welcome the spotted feline have been done. Decision on settlement of cheetahs will be taken by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) team and we are still waiting for final date of cheetah translocation.” He further informed that 25 employees and officials have been posted in the sanctuary by the Forest Department to take care of cheetahs and other day to day task.
Apart from this, a hospital is also being constructed to provide medical aid to the imported cheetahs. He said that veterinary team from Kuno National Park will also be visiting the sanctuary to guide the officials for further requirement and construction of hospital. DFO Raikheda informed that group of deer species, including spotted deer and Chinkara, have been already released to the periphery. He said that apart from deer other prey base are also available in large number. The sanctuary is proposed to welcome third batch of cheetah by February end or first week March 2024. He said that process of translocating the significant herbivore including spotted deer, black bug will be continued for a few more days as target is set to release at least 1,400 deer species like spotted deer, black bug, Chinkara (deer species), etc in the sanctuary.
After Sheopur’s Kuno National Park, experts have found Gandhi Sagar better place for the cheetah re-introduction. Enclosure have been prepared over 64 sqkm of area In first phase of deer translocation, a group of 23 cheetals (spotted deer) and black bug were brought to Gandhi Sagar from Kanha National Park on January 9. These deer have been released into 90 hectare of land conserved for the herbivore species. Translocation of deer has been done under monitoring of veterinary doctors.