MoRTH revises RfP document to include ‘deemed approval’ provision
   Date :11-Feb-2024

MoRTH revises RfP  
Business Reporter
The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has included the provision of “deemed approval” in the revised document for request for proposal, for timely approval of reports submitted by Detailed Project Report (DPR) consultants. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) in a circular said timely approval of various reports submitted by consultants is considered a critical requirement for the preparation of timely DPRs. “Keeping that in view, provision of deemed approval has been included in the footnote below enclosure-III schedule for approval of reports,” the circular added.
The circular said approval or comments shall be communicated by the client to the consultant within the time period.
“If no approval/comments are furnished within the time period by the client, it will be considered as deemed approval,” it said. The circular said the deemed approval for submissions, the consultant will remain responsible for correctness of the submission. The ministry further said the officer(s) concerned in the executing agencies of MoRTH should, however, take utmost care to avoid situations of deemed approval. “In case there is an instance of deemed approval, the circumstances leading to such deemed approval shall be examined and appropriate action shall be taken against lapses of the concerned officer(s),” the circular said.