Parking Problem creating chaos Leading to unwanted delays in commercial centre, MP Nagar
   Date :11-Feb-2024

Parking Problem creating 
By Naman Atolia
The commercial centre of the city, Maharana Pratap Nagar (MP Nagar) is all surrounded by the problems of parking which in turn is hampering the smooth plying of vehicles across the area causing long delays. Even after the multi-level parking has come into operation in the area, the problem remains unsolved. “The capacity of multicity parking area is 1,800 four-wheelers and 800 two-wheelers but this whole system seems like a failure. This is due to the Transport Department since they are not adamant enough to make people park their vehicles here and implement the goal of hassle-free parking but the system has a lot of loopholes,” a worker in the parking told on condition of anonymity. On being asked about the told number of footfall every day, he said, “On an average about 120 people park their car everyday here. This number rises to 140 and 150 on weekends. Even finding 200 cars in the parking is very rare. Around 200 two wheelers are parked here every day.”
Localities at a tea shop told that they face a variety of problems due to the accumulation of cars. Sometimes they act as hindrances whereas sometimes the economic activities of the region get disturbed. Chetram, a shopkeeper says, “It’s now a routine to see a traffic jam in the area in the evening. A lot of people park their vehicles in front of my shop which not only affects the business but when I ask them to park it anywhere else, they come over to fight with me over the issue.” A driver on the tea shop also mentioned that the toeing vehicles never visit this area. They just hover around the parking that too within 2-3 days.
An old man also highlighted that someone who wants to buy a commodity worth smaller amounts doesn’t finds it economical to park his/her vehicle in the multilevel parking. Also, sometimes when travelling with family people prefer to park their vehicles near the destination which creates chaos. Further, he also emphasised that the administration and the concerned department should consider this issue and work for inculcating a sense of efficiency in the system. Rajesh Nigam, resident of Shakti Nagar, passing through the road said, “I came from Shakti Nagar to MP Nagar just in 10 minutes but it took me almost half an hour to travel this 500 meters of area in MP Nagar. Roads are narrow but four-wheelers, two-wheelers and even commercial vehicles are parked at the road side due to which people are not getting passage.”