Big cat in critical condition
   Date :12-Feb-2024

Big cat 
Staff Reporter
The injured tiger that was brought from Wadsa Division of Gadchiroli to Gorewada Rescue Centre for treatment on Friday, is in a critical condition and the veterinary team is treating the tiger to improve its health condition. According to a senior official of Gorewada Rescue Centre, the right leg of the tiger has broken and it sustained severe injuries on its chest and back. Pus formation in the wound of the tiger is also a big challenge before the veterinary team. “The tiger sustained these injuries in a territorial fight with another big cat. Our team is working hard to improve its condition but it has become a difficult task for them because the wounds have become infested with maggots,” said the senior official.
The tiger was roaming in an injured condition in Shivrajpur forest area in Wadsa Division and it was noticed by villagers. They informed the ACF of Wadsa Manoj Chavan about the tiger on February 5. On the basis of the information, the forest team started its search and came to know that the said tiger was roaming in a farmland near village Shivrajpur. On February 8, the veterinary doctor from TATR Dr Ravikant Khobragade, sharpshooter Ajay Marathe and team was called to the spot. The team tranquilised the tiger and conducted the primary treatment on the injury. The tiger had received injury in the paw of its right leg. After the treatment, the tiger was shifted to Nagpur for further treatment.
Earlier, the forest officials from Wadsa, Kurkheda and Armori conducted the joint search operation and found the location of the tiger and also kept watch on the tiger and alerted the nearby villagers. After the tiger fully recovers, further decision whether to keep it in zoo itself or release it in open forest will be taken. Pavankumar Jog, IFS, Probationary Officer; Manoj Chavan, Sub-Divisional Forest Officer, Kurkheda; Vijay Dhande, Range Forest Officer, Wadsa; RRT members Yogesh Lakde, Wasim Sheikh, Prafull Wadgure, Gurunanak Dhore, Vikas Tajne, Dipesh Tembhurne, Akshay Dandekar, Amol Korpe, Manan Sheikh and others worked together for the rescue of the tiger.