Chhattisgarh farmer creates new variety of bottle gourd
   Date :12-Feb-2024

Chhattisgarh farmer 
Staff Reporter
Kalp Das, a farmer and researcher, has created a variety of bottle gourd. This gourd gives fruits for 9 to 10 months if planted in May-June, the number of fruits is less in winter. The length of the vine of this variety is 60 to 70 feet and the number of fruits per plant is 70 to 80. The maximum weight of bottle gourd has been measured up to 11 kg and the average fruit is medium long, cylindrical and very thick, the peel is green and the core is white, there are very light white stripes on the fruit. The fruits are pulpy, soft, and sweet and contain less fibre. The leaves are large, broad and green in colour. In big fruits the peel is thick and in thick fruits the seeds are small.
The stem is about 6 inches thick. Kalp told that he has been cultivating bottle gourd in his farm/yard since the time of his grandfather and great grandfather and this variety has been prepared by selection from a local variety. They are going to get this variety registered in Plant Variety Protection and Farmers Rights Authority, New Delhi. Bottle gourd is a vegetable, which is also called Ghiya, although it is used for other vegetables named pumpkin. Bottle gourd plant is a creeper on which gourds grow. Bottle gourd is beneficial for the skin, which works
to protect the skin from bacteria.
It also contains anti-oxidants which makes the face glowing. It has anti-inflammatory effect which helps in preventing cancer. Its juice also helps in controlling blood pressure. A rich amount of potassium is found inside its juice. To control cholesterol level and It has also been found beneficial in UTI. It is also beneficial in diabetes. It is also helpful in strengthening digestion and reducing constipation. It is known that among the tribal people of Chhattisgarh, immense variety of bottle gourd is found which is available in different shapes like round, cylindrical, tumbler etc.