Four caughtin club brawl, shootout
   Date :12-Feb-2024

Four caught in club brawl 
Staff Reporter
The city witnessed its third shootout in a single day. The series of incidents began at the Minister’s Bungalow, followed by an accidental weapon’s discharge aboard the Sarnath Express and a late-night confrontation at the Hyper Club situated on VIP Road. The altercation at the Hyper Club, occurring around 11:30 pm during a party, involved Vikas Agarwal and Rohit Tomar, residents of Gudhiyari and Bhathagaon respectively. The dispute allegedly stemmed from an old love affair, igniting a heated argument between the two. The situation escalated when Rohit Tomar reportedly vandalized Vikas Agarwal’s SUV, prompting Agarwal to fire his licensed pistol at Tomar in retaliation. Law enforcement officials swiftly responded to the incident, arresting Vikas Agarwal, Rohit Tomar, and their associate Sarang Mandhan, Amit Taneja under Section 307, pertaining to attempt to murder. Notably, one of the accused has prior criminal cases against him.
Additionally, Vikas Agarwal has been identified as a significant figure in online betting activities, having previously been apprehended for illegal betting in Nava Raipur and Durg. Following the incident, a tense standoff ensued between groups associated with the accused, with numerous youths converging at the police station in luxury vehicles overnight in an attempt to resolve the matter through mutual negotiations. However, law enforcement authorities intervened, eventually taking action by shaving half of the hair of the four accused and presenting them in court. In response to the escalating crime rates, a high-level meeting was convened by the Chief Minister in the capital, wherein law enforcement officials were instructed to prioritize crime control measures recently.