Saoner ATM heist Fastag transaction leads to culprit’s arrest
   Date :12-Feb-2024

Saoner ATM heist  
Staff Reporter
In a major breakthrough, Saoner police arrested the main culprit involved in the ATM heist that took place on January 29, where a State Bank of India ATM was forcefully broken into, and a sum of Rs 10 lakh was stolen. The arrest was made by tracing a crucial clue via a Fastag transaction of the accused while they were making a quick escape in a four-wheeler. The arrested accused was identified as Irfan Imran Khan, hailing from Utawad village in the Hatin tehsil of Palwal district in Haryana. His accomplices, Mubarak Imran Khan and Wasim Musa Khan, both also residents of Haryana, along with other unidentified accused, remain at large.
The daring heist took place in the night on January 29 when the criminals, armed with sharp weapons, arrived in a four-wheeler. They brazenly used a gas cutter to break into the ATM and escaped with the exposed cash before making a quick getaway. During the investigation, it was revealed that the criminals had changed the number plates of their vehicles while passing through toll plazas in an attempt to mislead the investigators. However, Saoner Police, under the guidance of Superintendent of Police Harssh Poddar, managed to crack the case using automated Fast tag transactions, which ultimately led to the identification and arrest of Irfan Imran Khan in Haryana.
A police official said, “The Fast tag transaction was a crucial lead in this case. It allowed us to track the movement of the accused and ultimately led us to his location in Haryana.” Under the guidance of SP Harssh Poddar and PI LCB Omprakash Kokate, the arrest was made by PSI Kokretwar, Rajendra Rewatkar, Pramod Bhoyar, Kishore Wankhede, Umesh Fulbel, API Sharad Bhasme, ASI Ganesh Rai, Avinash Bahekar, Ravi Meshra, Dawood Mohd, and others.