Embracing Solar Power Surge in Bhopal residents for sustainable living
   Date :13-Feb-2024

Embracing Solar Power  
By Kriti Shah
In a remarkable trend towards sustainable living, Bhopal residents are increasingly turning to solar rooftop panels as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional electricity sources. The upswing in interest has been noted by local solar companies actively engaged in installing solar panels across households in the city. As ‘The Hitavada’ team engaged in a series of conversations with several service providers, revealed a notable surge in inquiries and installations over the past few months. The primary driver behind this shift is a growing awareness of the environmental impact of conventional energy sources and the desire to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy. Some of the leading solar companies in Bhopal, reported a significant increase in inquiries for solar rooftop installations compared to the same period last year. The company attributes this rise to a heightened understanding among residents about the long-term benefits of harnessing solar energy.
In a conversation, Rupesh Deshmukh, owner of a private solar sales services added, “The citizens of Bhopal are increasingly recognising the economic and environmental advantages of solar power, apparently the subsidies like 40% subsidy on 1kWp to 3kWp at the time of solar rooftop installation is one of the reasons of this increasing trend. There has been significant increase of 60% to 70% in inquiries of solar rooftop installations in recent 3 to 4 years in Bhopal” Especially, Government employees are the major clienteles in this, emphasising on this he remarked, “Mostly, Government employees, retired personnel are opting for solar installation. The areas of Arera Colony, Minal Residency, Lalghati, Airport Road are among the top regions where residents are opting for solar rooftop installations in Bhopal”. Hoping on to the benefits customers able to enjoy with solar rooftop installation, Atul Chourasia, Sales and Marketing Director of another private company stated, “This not only includes residents, but several commercial and educational institutions as well. They are keen on contributing to a sustainable future while enjoying the immediate benefits of reduced electricity bills. People are able to decrease their electricity bill by 80% to 90% from the very next month of solar rooftop installation”.
Notably, the surge in interest is not limited to a specific demographic. Both residential and commercial property owners, are exploring solar options, signalling a widespread shift towards sustainable energy practices. Solar companies in Bhopal are actively engaging with residents through awareness campaigns, workshops, and promotional events to further promote the benefits of solar energy. The shift is not only environmentally conscious but also economically wise. Residents are motivated by the potential for substantial long-term savings on electricity bills. With Government incentives and subsidies for solar installations, the initial investment is becoming more accessible, encouraging a broader section of the community to adopt solar technology. While Bhopal is already witnessing a positive impact on its energy landscape, the solar companies anticipate further growth in the coming years. They emphasise the need for continued awareness and education to drive sustainable energy adoption.