L Murugan, Umesh Nath Maharaj Maya Naroliya from Madhya, Bansilal Gurjar from Malwa region
   Date :15-Feb-2024

Bansilal Gurjar  
By Bhavana ‘Aparajita’
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has announced the names of candidates from the State for the Rajya Sabha elections. With the announcement of four candidates the party has tried to manage social engineering as there is representation of women and farmer. Maya is from Narmadapuram (Madhya Region), Bansilal Gurjar Mandsaur (Malwa region). The party’s list include the names of four leaders. Apart from Union Minister L Murugan, the party has nominated Umesh Nath Maharaj, Maya Naroliya and Bansilal Gurjar its Rajya Sabha candidates from the State. BJP’s candidate, Maya Naroliya, is from Narmadapuram. Maya Naroliya is also the State President of Mahila Morcha. At the same time, BJP’s Rajya Sabha candidate from Madhya Pradesh, Bansilal Gurjar, is known as a farmer leader.
This name can also be seen linked to the farmers’ movement. Bansilal Gurjar, resident of Mandsaur, is also the National Vice President of the BJP Kisan Morcha BJP leader L Murugan is the Minister of State in the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy as well as the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in the Narendra Modi government. L Murugan has also held the responsibility of State President of Tamil Nadu unit of BJP. At the same time, yogi Umesh Nath is handling the important responsibility of Peethadhishwar of Ujjain.
Elections are to be held on February 27 for the five Rajya Sabha seats falling vacant in Madhya Pradesh. Voting time is from 9 am to 4 pm. At the same time, counting of votes will be done from 5 pm on the same day. Based on the strength of MLAs in Madhya Pradesh, BJP is expected to win four seats, while Congress can win one seat. In recently held Assembly elections, BJP had clinched 163 seats while Congress’s tally reduced to 66.