Spring season begins; temp to dip by 2 or 3 notches
   Date :15-Feb-2024

Spring season begins 
Staff Reporter
With the celebration of Basant Panchami that marks beginning of spring season, Bhopal recorded bright sunshine on Wednesday after a gap of two days. Parts of State recorded cloud cover and rainfall continuously for the fifth day. Medium to low fog was seen in some parts while some parts like Rewa, Sagar, Gwalior, Bhind and Datia saw light rainfall. Weather Department has forecast cloud cover and light rainfall in some parts of State for two more days. Indian Meteorology Department (IMD) said that there is cyclonic circle above Maharashtra and there is another local level cyclonic turf near Rewa division due to which southern air is active. These winds are bringing moisture from Bay of Bengal.
Weather scientists said that from Thursday onwards, weather would be clear but temperature would be declining. IMD has forecast two or three degree fall in temperature. On February 13-14 night minimum temperature of most of cities was recorded above 10 degrees Celsius. Pachmarhi and Tikamgarh recorded lowest minimum temperature as 11 degrees Celsius. Highest minimum temperature was recorded as 18 degree Celsius in Damoh. On February 13, day temperature crossed 32 degrees Celsius in Khandwa and Khargone.
Maximum temperature in Bhopal was recorded as 27.3 degrees Celsius and minimum 15.6 degrees Celsius. Gwalior recorded maximum temperature as 25.2 degrees Celsius and minimum 14.6 degrees Celsius. Indore recorded day temperature as 27.4 degrees Celsius and minimum temperature 15.0 degrees Celsius. Ujjain recorded maximum temperature 27.2 degrees Celsius and minimum 15.2 degrees Celsius. Jabalpur recorded maximum temperature 26.3 degrees Celsius and minimum 17.6 deg Celsius.