Astha special to ayodhya 1,344 board for Lord Ram darshan
   Date :17-Feb-2024

Astha special to ayodhya 
Staff Reporter
Offering convenient travel option for pilgrims and travellers especially for the Ram temple in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Astha Special train departed by IRCTC from Bhopal railway station on Friday evening. A group of 1,344 people boarded in the train that departed the Bhopal railway station at 4:10 hours. As soon as train departed the station, devotees boarded in the train started religious chanting. It was grand celebration scene at the railway station when people started boarding in the train. Even a large crowd gathered at the platform to see off their relatives and friends with slogan like ‘Ayodhya to ek Jhanki hai, Mathura, Kashi abhi Baki Hai’ According to IRCTC, the train will be reaching Bina station at 7:50 hours on the same day and Jhansi at 2:10 am on Saturday. The train will be reaching its destination Ayodhya next day at 2:10 pm. In the same way in return, the train will be departing Ayodhya on February 19 at 1:20 pm.
Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (DCM) Saurabh Kataria said, “The train is having 22 coaches including 2 SLR. Total 1344 passengers are travelling. The train is run by IRCTC and returning with passengers on February 19.” He further informed that reservation for the train was done as usually done by the passengers and there was no special privilege provided to any particular group or community. Special train for Ayodhya was much demanded by passengers after the consecration of Ram Temple in January. Earlier, railway had proposed to run a special train from Bhopal to Ayodhya with 22 coaches and 72 seats in each coach to provide an opportunity to the devotees to attend much popular Ram Temple after inauguration on Jan 22. However final decision over the proposal could not be taken.
“Astha special” train departed from Bhopal station is run by IRCTC. There are already four regular and three chain trains on this route but all of them have full booking throughout month of February, March, April and May. The situation of “No room” is not only in AC class while the sleeper class is also having full booking in all dates. According to railway officials, there are There are four long distance trains from Bhopal to Ayodhya including three mail express, one Superfast and one Antyodaya Express.