Final Blow: BRTS corridor dismantling starts from Roshanpura to Kamla Park
   Date :17-Feb-2024

Roshanpura to Kamla Park 
Staff Reporter
Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) started demolition of Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) corridor from Roshanpura Square to Kamla Park on Friday. After removing the boundary walls, cemented concrete is being demolish with drilling machine and then roads will be repaired. BMC officials informed that after Kamla Pak, the team headed to remove Lalghati to Collectorate area during evening hours. Officials said traffic will be regulated on mix lane from Halalpura bus stand to graveyard on Sunday. Railing and dedicated lane in this area has been already dismantled. The BRTS corridor from Roshanpura Square to Kamla Park created huge chaos as vehicle got stuck in traffic jam for several hours in the area. The area connects old and new city of state capital Bhopal. The mix lane from Roshanpura to Kamla Park receives huge traffic every day while the BRTS corridor remain vacant especially during rush hours.
The Arch Bridge above Lower Lake seems to be of no use to reduce the traffic jam on this road. Dismantling the BRTS corridor on this area has begun on Friday morning. According to reports, in January 2024, Chief Minister Dr Mohan Yadav directed the district administration to remove the corridor. Demolition of BRTS corridor was started on January 20 from Bairagarh area. From Halalpura bus stand to Bairagarh Square, most part of the corridor has been removed. Though the corridor is being removed by Public Works Department (PWD) specially in Bairagarh region, demolition of the corridor in remaining parts of city is being done by the Municipal Corporation. BMC had earlier called three different tender for Roshanpura to Kamlapark, Lalghati to Collectorate and RRL Square to Misrod. Two tenders have been already released by the municipal corporation and third one is underway.
Officials of BMC informed that it would cost Rs 2.85 crores to demolish the corridor from Roshanpura to Kamla Park and 3.10 crores to dismantle the corridor from Lalghati to Collectorate. In Bairagarh area, asphalt concrete work is being done parallel to the demolition of BRTS and road divider is being constructed. PWD engineers said that traffic will be regulated on two kilo meter of area from Halalpura Bus stand to Graveyard on Sunday. It is targeted to complete the demolition of BRTS in Bairagarh area completely by first week of March.