Creative State Of Mind
   Date :18-Feb-2024

There is lots of scientific literature available today about brain waves of the human mind, indicating different states of consciousness. Biofeedback machines are frequently used to measure brain waves and their frequency. EEG( Electroencephalogram) is a common machine which is used for this purpose. According to scientific research, four types of predominant waves are emitted by the human brain, beta, alpha, theta and delta. These brain waves have a definite relationship with the state of the mind of an individual. Beta waves are emitted duringawakeful state. They are mostly associated with our external activities.They are of high frequency of over 13 cycles per second. Alpha waves are mostly emitted in a relaxed state of the mind. These waves are noticed during meditational practices also. The brain is in a creative state during this time. The frequency of these waves range from 8 to 13 cycles per second. Theta waves are seen during sleeping state.
It is seen that these waves are emitted during deep meditation, intense creative moments and receptivity to extrasensory perceptions. These waves have a frequency of 4 to7cycles per second. Delta waves are emitted during dreamless sleep.There is a great receptivity to learning in this state. The frequency of these waves ranges below 4 cycles per second. The above described patterns of brain waves are applicable to normal human beings. Persons having strong willpower or Yogic capabilities willingly move from one state to another just through the power of thoughts. The experiments conducted on Swami Ram by Dr Elmer and Alice Green in the 1970s in the USA have proved this fact. During these experiments Swami Ram controlled his thoughts amazingly.
On the one hand , while being aware of the surroundings, Swami Ram produced beta and alpha waves, while on the other hand he generated theta and delta waves under laboratory conditions. This seems impossible during normal conditions. But being a highly advancedYogi in meditation, Swami Ram had exceptional control over thoughts and brain waves. Yoga is the science of the mind. The main purpose of Yoga is to control the mind. The control of the mind reduces the number of thoughts which keep on troubling the mind. With the reduction of thoughts in the mind, relaxation is produced and a relaxed mind is the most creative mind.
Several meditational techniques have evolved in theYogic practices. All these techniques are based upon the withdrawal of awareness from outside and going inward. This process results in a tremendous amount of relaxation. According to neuroscience the flow of bio energy follows the pattern of thoughts. So internalisation of awareness results in the inner journey of bio energy. This is when the mind becomes focused and concentrated. A focused mind is the most creative mind. It acquires the great potential to solve the riddles of life. A simple practice of meditation with regularity over a period of time equips the practitioner with the highly creative and focused mind

bhushan Kumar 
(The writer is Former DG Police & CG, Homeguards, Maharashtra) ■