Bhopal Metro trial continues Commercial run expected from May
   Date :25-Feb-2024
Bhopal Metro trial
Staff Reporter
Bhopal Metro Corporation has started trial of two new rack of trains carrying three coaches in each received from Gujarat. Officials have targeted to start the commercial run of Metro train by May 2024. Officials have already installed coaches and process of running it on track has begun. Officials said that each train will be running for at least 2000 kms to complete the trial process. Bhopal has now three metro trains, including three coaches in each. One rack of metro train is already there in Bhopal and two racks were brought for Indore in December 2023. According to the plan, total 27 metro trains will be there on Bhopal’s track and 25 trains will be running in Indore. Each train will be carrying three- three coaches in order to check fitness of the train and track, newly delivered coaches will be running for 2000 km without carrying passengers.
Officials of Metro Corporation said that after trail of train in October, the rack is being run on the track continuously. The two racks will be running on track without passengers for at least 2000 km to check the fitness and capacity of coaches before commercial run. Last year in October, trial run of metro train was held in Bhopal. The trial was done to cover five stations Subhash Nagar, Central School, DB Mall, MP Nagar and Rani Kamlapati station for 6.22 km orange line.
Officials said that it is targeted to start the metro train for public by May or June 2024. Focus is being given to pending work especially in Alkapuri, AIIMS and DRM office area. Civil work in Subhash Nagar, DB Mall, MP Nagar, Rani Kamlapati, Central School is already done and now these areas are being finished. Station Shed is also being constructed at DB Mall, Central School and MP Nagar areas.