Last day of Great Bombay Circus in Reshimbag Ground tomorrow
   Date :04-Feb-2024

Last day of Great Bombay Circus
Business Reporter :
As The sun sets on a triumphant return, the Great Bombay Circus, a beacon of entertainment for over a century, prepares to bid farewell to Nagpur on February 5. The final day marks the culmination of an extraordinary journey, rekindling the magic that has been absent from the city for thirty long years. The circus will host its final shows on February 5 at 1 PM, 4 PM, and 7 PM, ensuring that audiences of all ages can savor the magic one last time. Prioritizing safety, the circus tent has been meticulously designed to be fire-resistant, waterproof, and air-cooled, providing a secure and comfortable environment for all attendees.
As the curtains prepare to fall on this chapter of the Great Bombay Circus in Nagpur, the organizers express their heartfelt gratitude to the city for its warm welcome and unwavering support. Don't miss this final opportunity to witness the magic of the Great Bombay Circus in Nagpur. Visit the circus for a memorable evening filled with wonder, laughter, and awe-inspiring performances. For inquiries, call on mobile: 7305135493; Email: [email protected].