Teamwork is essential for running business or industry, says Chandak
   Date :07-Feb-2024

Business Reporter
Virendra Chandak, an entrepreneur, while addressing a session organised here by Vidarbha Management Association (VMA) recently said that no business or industry in the world can be run well by a single person. “It requires teamwork. The team can consist of co-workers, staffers or family members wherein everyone has a role to play in it,” he said. Chandak further said that, “if you apply transparency, delegation and systematic approach i.e. ‘TDS’ at your workplace then works as a three-step success formula for your business. The entrepreneurs should keep transparency in their dealings with employees, customers and others. It will help you in developing relationships and you can face competition.” Chandak, a leading entrepreneur in the field of micro-small industries, also spoke about his journey by stating that any business can be made profitable if its foundation is strong.
He further said that American companies dominate the world industry because of the discipline and system they have imposed on themselves. “We must understand this. We are not used to doing things in a proper system or discipline. So, first of all we should understand the system and follow it. The one country, one tax system has made it easier for multinational companies to invest in India. The Government on its part has been transparent and policy-wise flexible. Therefore, entrepreneurs, traders, manufacturers should also be honest and transparent,” Chandak said. Chandak highlighted that the entrepreneurs should not solely depend on Government schemes. At the outset, moderator of the session Pravin Panchbhai, introduced the speaker. Varun Agrawal and Jatin Jain acted as in-charges for the session. This special interaction was organised by Vidarbha Management Association.