Cold Wave returns to State, temp dips
   Date :08-Feb-2024

Cold Wave returns  
Staff Reporter
As western disturbance has passed away, cold waves griped the Madhya Pradesh state. On Wednesday, people were feeling cold since morning in Bhopal while Gwalior, Jabalpur and a few other cities recorded 2 to 3 degree fall in maximum and minimum temperature. Indian Meteorology Department (IMD) said that winds are blowing towards north due to which cold waves gripped various parts of state. Weather scientists forecast cold waves to be there in state for next four days and from February 11 or 12, western disturbance will be active . There are chances of droplets, lightening, thunder in state after February 12.
Maximum temperature in Bhopal was recorded a 25.8 degrees Celsius and minimum 13.4 degrees Celsius, Gwalior maximum temperature 22.5 degrees Celsius and minimum, Indore maximum 27.8 degrees Celsius and minimum 14.6 degrees Celsius and Jabalpur maximum temperature 23.8 degrees Celsius and minimum 14.2 degrees Celsius.