Tur dal prices up 50%, rice sees hike of 25% y-o-y
   Date :09-Feb-2024

Tur dal prices  
Business Reporter
The cornerstone of countless Indian meals - ‘dal chawal’ is set to spoil home budgets of many as the prices of tur dal and rice have skyrocketed in the current season. While tur dal has seen a hike of more than 50 per cent, many varieties of rice have jumped in a range of 20-25 per cent as compared to last year. Some of the popular varieties of tur dal like fod fatka, unpolished and polished waradi fatka, are available at the city’s wholesale gain market in a price range of Rs 145 to Rs 162 per kg. Similarly, HMT, Kali Mooch and Shreeram rice are being sold at a price between Rs 45 to 70 per kg.
Ramesh Umate, one of leading grain dealers at the Kalamna market yard, said that there is a shortage of tur dal in the markets. “New crop of tur dal has recently started arriving in the markets and as of now there is a short supply of these commodities due to which the prices are flying high,” he said. The new crop of tur and rice starts arriving in the markets from January and it continues till April. Elaborating on the price rise, Umate said that many tur dal states have recorded less production in the current year compared to the previous year. He further added that unseasonal rains have caused significant crop loss of tur dal in major cultivation areas due to which there is shortage of the commodity.
It is important to note that tur dal prices had surpassed Rs 185 per kg mark in wholesale markets in September - October in 2023 when there was a shortage in the domestic as well as in the international markets because of unfavourable weather conditions. Another grain merchant, on a condition of anonymity, said that the prices may come down in the coming days. “The arrival season for rice and tur dal has just begun. We may see improved supply of these commodities in March and April which may cool down the prices,” he said.