Symposium on cow dung explores sustainable practices
   Date :17-Mar-2024

Symposium on cow dung explores
Business Reporter :
The Vidarbha Industries Association Agro Food Processing & Rural Development Forum wrapped up its landmark event, the “Greentech Symposium: Cow Dung Innovations in Industry and Energy,” on Friday, marking a significant step forward in the exploration of sustainable practices. The symposium, held at VIA Auditorium in Nagpur, brought together a diverse array of industry experts, researchers, students, women farmers and environmental enthusiasts, all united in their quest to explore innovative applications of cow dung for sustainable development. Farmers, dairy farmers, agri management students from the city, Katol, Bhandara, Danapur, Arvi, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Chandrapur, Gadchiroli, Hyderabad, aggarbatti manufacturers as well as women self help group representatives attended the programme.
Distinguished guests, including Dr Deepak Pinjari, Associate Dean of the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. Dr Pinjari’s presentation on novel, valuable and sustainable products from cow dung showcased the versatility in creating eco-friendly solutions. He gave examples of vegan leather and carbon credits, pigments and cellulose membrane for dialysis. Om Jajodia, Proprietor of Krishi Kranti Kendra, Nagpur conducted a session on ‘Cownomics’ offered valuable insights into the economic potential of cow dung-based products, emphasizing on economic importance of ‘gomutra’.
He expressed satisfaction with the turnout and the quality of discussions, emphasizing VIA’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices and leveraging innovation for societal betterment. Sanjay Sinha, alumina of Kumarappa National Handmade Paper Institute, Jaipur, offered practical guidance on implementing cow dung-based prakritik paints and cow dung chip for protection from UVradiation. Vivek Darwai, IT professional, lent his expertise and insights to the symposium and provided a comprehensive exploration of various aspects of cow dung utilization in industry and energy. He explained about his unique product, dairy mantra to help dairy farm management. Earlier, Shachi Mallick, Convener of VIA Agro Food Processing & Rural Development Forum, set the tone with her opening remarks, underscoring the importance of sustainable practices in today's industrial landscape. The interactive question and answer forum, moderated by Shachi Mallick and Dr Kirty Sirothia, Project Director, facilitated engaging discussions and enabled participants to gain deeper insights into the subject matter, supported by Aniruddha Ansingkar and Laxmikant Padole.