Marathe visits VivekanandNagari Sahakari Sanstha
   Date :27-Mar-2024

Vivekanand Nagari Sahakari Sanstha 
Business Reporter
SATISH Marathe, Director on Central Board of the Reserve Bankof India, recently said that theVivekanand Nagari Sahakari Pratyaya Sanstha has achieved progress in the field of finance while givingdue importanceto its social responsibilities. Marathe said this during his courtesyvisittotheVivekanand Nagari Sahakari Pratyaya Sanstha here in the city. On the occasion, Vivek Jugade, PresidentofVivekanandNagari Sahakari Pratyaya Sanstha, highlighted the society’s performance. Sudhir Daptari, Kalyan Diwan, Vivek Bapat, Director of the society; Anand Godhadekar, Chief Executive Officer, Ashutosh Dev, Shashank Pande, Sandeep Kirtane,MinalDande,andothers were also present.