Emotional Intelligence & Stability
   Date :31-Mar-2024

Emotional Intelligence 
Emotional intelligence and stability is said to be the core trait of a happy life. A person who is in control of his thoughts and emotions is mentally stable. Asaresult of mental stability, one perceives the problems of life in a balanced manner. Moods are even and life is lived in an optimistic way. Emotional stability enables a person to remain in a state of cheerfulness.Even if there are ups and downs in life, one is able to remain calm and composed. Regrets and worries do not disturb the tranquillity of the mind. There is a realistic perception of life. Both failures and successes are treated as the inevitable events of life. There is a behavioural consistency. There is alwaysafeeling of well being. Empathy and compassion are the inalienable ingredients of emotional stability. Emotional stability provides the strength to cope up with stress in a very effective way. One is always ready to adapt and change. Impulses give place to reasoned and calculated response. Overreaction to both good and bad is controlled. A strong resilience is built in the personality of a person. All great leaders have the trait of emotional stability.
Leaders navigate through adversity and crisis situations with the anchor of emotional stability. Emotional stability can be learnt and cultivated. The best example of lessons in emotional stability is the Geeta in which Lord Krishna has imparted the techniques of emotional intelligence to Arjuna. Arjuna had a severe nervous breakdown and was behaving in a very erratic manner on the battlefield. He had totally lost control of himself and was running away from the discharge of his duties. Lord Krishna has given the concept of Samatva or equilibrium. According to Lord Krishna equilibrium is the cultivation of evenness in the face of happiness and suffering. According to the Geeta, suffering is an integral part of life. So one should cultivate the attitude to remain calm and composed even in the face of adversity. Similarly, one should not get carried away by outbursts of happiness. Maintaining a balance in the affairs of life is Yoga. PractisingYoga is the best instrument to cultivate emotional stability.
I am recommending one Yogic technique which is the most effective way to cultivate emotional intelligence. The technique is Swadhyaya or self reflection. Please sit in a calm and composed manner. Be mindful of your breath. Awareness of breath will anchor you in the present. After ten minutes you will become self aware. Self awareness brings you face to face to your thoughts and emotions. You gradually become conscious of negative and positive emotions. The regular practice of thisYogic method will generateastrong sense of resilience andabalanced approach evolves towards life. These simple breathing and meditation techniques have proved very effective in the cultivation of emotional stability. Some experts are of the opinion that writing down emotions on a piece of a paper and being aware of them also goes a long way in cultivating emotional intelligence. Conclusively, it may be said that self reflection and self awareness with breathing and mindful meditation are the best way to be emotionally stable and resilient. (The writer is Former DG Police & CG, Homeguards, Maharashtra)