US, India looking for solutions together amid changing nature of warfare: Garcetti
   Date :01-Apr-2024

Praising the defence partnership between the two nations, US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti has said that both the US and India are looking for solutions together amid the ongoing shift in nature of warfare. He also affirmed that both the deals between India and the US regarding jet engine and predator drones are very much on track.While speaking to ANI, Garcetti said, “You actually prefer a defence partner, which is very high-level, very unique, and something that happened a couple years ago between the US and India. And I hope it’s the beginning of many things.”
“We’re looking at armoured cars and howitzers together,” he added. Highlighting the changing scenario in the Red Sea, Garcetti said, it is now a need to develop weapons that can confront the new nature of war. “We need to develop also weapons that can confront the new nature of war. We’re seeing this in the Red Sea right now, that cheap drones and other cheaply-made missiles can only be brought down today by a million-dollar missile and defence.
The nature of warfare is changing, and I think that the US and India are looking for solutions together,” he said. Tensions in the Red Sea region have been escalating following repeated attacks by Houthi rebels on ships, putting immense pressure on trade, globally. The Houthis initially said that they would target Israel-linked ships in a show of solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, but later expanded their targets to include vessels linked to the United Kingdom and the US.