9 swamp deer translocated from Kanha to Satpura Tiger Reserve
   Date :02-Apr-2024

Kanha to Satpura Tiger Reserve 
Staff Reporter
Another successful translocation of 9 swamp deer was carried out from Kanha Tiger Reserve to Satpura Tiger Reserve, on Monday. Total 2 male and 7 female swamp deer were captured from Sauf ground in Sarhi beat of the national park by team of skilled forest personnel. Herd was transported through a specially designed truck for safety of wildlife and released it at Satpura National Park. Capture operation was carried out in special presence of Sunil Kumar Singh (IFS), Field Director, Kanha Tiger Reserve. During the capture operation, Punit Goyal (IFS), Deputy Director (Core), Dr Sandeep Jaiswal, Veterinarian and Satpura Tiger Reserve’s officials and employees of Kanha Tiger Reserve were present.
Translocation of state animal Swamp Deer was carried out after the permission from the Government of India and Chief Wildlife Authority, Madhya Pradesh. Prior to the translocation, on March 31, all the officers, employees and subject experts conducted inspection of specially designed enclosure and strategy of capturing swamp deer was prepared. As per the preparations, 8 am on Monday, capturing process was started and the entire process was completed till 10:30 am and captured herd was transported through specially designed vehicle from Kanha to Satpura Tiger Reserve under the supervision of team of veterinarians.
Successful translocation of 7 Central India Hard Ground swamp deer were already carried out in previous years at Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal and 48 at Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. It may be noted that there were only 66 swamp deer remaining at Kanha Tiger Reserve during 1970’s decade. Efficient forest and wildlife management of Kanha Tiger Reserve has increased the population of swamp deer at Kanha Tiger Reserve upto 948.