Lakshman Tiwari from Vindhya joins Congress
   Date :02-Apr-2024

Lakshman Tiwari  
Staff Reporter
Senior leader hailing from the Vindhya region of the State, Lakshman Tiwari on Monday, joined hands with the Indian National Congress (INC) in the presence of state president Jitu Patwari. On this occasion, Tiwari said that Congress is the oldest party in the country which played a pivotal role in the Indian Freedom Movement. Over the time, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) has emerged into a chaos party. Today, there is a need that the public should fight for their interest which can be only done under the banners of the Congress. State unit President Jitu Patwari said that BJP only relies on spreading lies among the masses. The party promised to give 1000 and then 3000 to the females of the country but has failed successively in fulfilling the promise.
Today, the state is experiencing a price rise by 5 times. Farmers are not getting the proper value for their produce and the condition of the farmers in the state is not hidden. The chief minister is running a government of debt, crime and corruption. In the present government, even the sons of the ministers have created ruckus in the city. “The state is being ruled by a dictator.” He emphasized. Media cell president Mukesh Nayak on this occasion said that those going into the BJP are not receiving attention from the party and are only going to secure their wealth. Senior leaders and office bearers were also present during the same.