ONLY25% of gardens in Nagpur have public toilets
   Date :03-Apr-2024

public toilets 
Staff Reporter
To attain good marks in Swachha Sarvekshan 2024, Nagpur city has to improve in every sector, including cleanliness and maintaining public toilets in city. However, the reality of public toilets in city is totally different. Nagpur city has 182 gardens in all 10 zones but there are only 46 public toilets available in these gardens, revealed a Right to Information (RTI) reply provided by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) here on Tuesday. RTI activist Abhay Kolarkar asked NMC to provide details about condition of public toilets and water supply facility in 182 gardens of the city in an RTI query, which revealed that out of 182 gardens, only 127 have water supply.
As per the RTI reply, Laxmi Nagar zone has 43 gardens, highest in city, of which 30 gardens have water supply through wells and bore-wells. Whereas out of 43 gardens, only five gardens have toilet facility. Hanuman Nagar zone has the 24 gardens, second highest, of which 14 gardens have water supply and just 4 gardens have toilet facility for public. Dharampeth zone, which is one of the most posh zones in city, has 22 gardens of which 19 gardens have water supply and 11 gardens have toilet facility, the highest on city. Mangalwari (01), Nehru Nagar (02) and Lakadganj (02) zones have the lowest number of public toilets in gardens. In Laxmi Nagar zone, Major Surendra Dev Park (Dhantoli) garden, which is situated over 4.97 acres of land, has no toilet facility. Toilet is a basic facility which should be provided by the civic body to citizens. However, in Nagpur, only 25 per cent gardens have toilet facility which should be improved.
Normally, citizen visit gardens during morning and evening hours. They use gardens for walking, yoga, exercise etc. Therefore, toilets and water supply is necessary in all gardens. Last year, Nagpur city took a 38 rank jump in the ‘One Lakh and Above Population’ category in Swachha Sarvekshan 2023, but it failed to get any ‘Star’ in Star Rating. Despite a 38-rank-jump, Nagpur is struggling to break into top 20 rank in the country and to improve the ranking, NMC should emphasise on construction of public toilets and its cleanliness throughout the city.