Flow Of The Mind
   Date :07-Apr-2024

 Flow Of The Mind
Flow of the mind is a mindset.It signifies the psychological flexibility of our thinking. It is an acceptance with awareness that both good and bad are inevitable to happen in life. It is the performance of duties without getting attached to it. Life consists of chains of incidents which are both positive and negative in nature. No matter how we plan and structure the things in life, there is no guarantee that life will follow the desired course. Many times things are not in our control. Uncertainty is the hallmark of human life. Life is changing every moment. So all happenings are temporary. Pleasure, pain , suffering, etc are all transitory. Like the flow of water, life is running without any pause. It keeps on changing its course unpredictably. It is not under human control to stop and fight against the forces of life. Hence a mindset is to be cultivated with the realisation that let things happen as they are.
One has to follow life from moment to moment. The flow of the mind facilitates smooth running with the fleeting time. It is to be anchored in the present. Feelings are not to be resisted, but to be experienced. The flow of the mind is the result of continuous awareness of the present moment without getting attached to it. It is the resilience of the mind. The best way to cultivate the flow of the mind is breath awareness and meditation. Meditation establishes the practitioner in the present and the person starts enjoying his present activity. He is so immersed in the present activity that he loses track of time. Focus and concentration is at the utmost level. Life moves effortlessly. An athlete goes into the flow of the mind during his performance. A singer or an artist of excellence performs his best in the flow state of the mind. It is a moment when the practitioner loses himself in his practice.
There are many psychological and mind management techniques to cultivate the flow of the mind. First identify the most enjoyable activity. Start the activity with focus and concentration. After a lapse of sometime the flow state of the mind occurs. The practice over a long period of time strengthens the flow state. Experts are of the opinion that physical exercises with listening to music quickly transport one into the flow state. Regular practice of Pranayama or breathing techniques facilitates the cultivation of the flow state. Meditational practices are gateways to the flow state of the mind. One has to talk to oneself and self discover. While practising the flow state of the mind distractions are to be avoided. Use of social media is to be restricted. In practical life sometimes goals are to be calibrated with the values of life to achieve the flow of the mind. Flow of the mind maximises the productivity of the performance. The person becomes calm and composed. He enjoys a state of bliss. The initial practice of the flow of the mind which is directed towards a particular activity is extended towards the entire spectrum of life. It happens gradually with the passing of time.

(The writer is Former DG Police & CG, Homeguards, Maharashtra) ■