23 Naxals surrenderin Dantewada
   Date :01-May-2024

23 Naxals surrender 
Our Correspondent
A total of 23 Naxalites have surrendered, influenced by the ‘Lon Varratu’ (Come back home) campaign launched by the district police. Renouncing violence, they now express faith in democracy and the constitution. These former extremists were previously active in the Bhairamgarh Area Committee, known for activities such as road digging, tree cutting and posting Naxal propaganda during bandhs. Disillusioned by the inhuman ideology and exploitation by top Naxal cadres and tired of their violence against local tribals, these 23 outlaws have resolved to integrate into mainstream society.
They surrendered in front of Deputy Inspector General of Police Dantewada Range Kamalochan Kashyap (IPS), Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operation) CRPF Dantewada Range Vikas Katheria (IPS), Superintendent of Police Dantewada Gaurav Rai (IPS), Additional Superintendent of Police Smritik Rajnala (IPS), Second Command Officer (Operation) CRPF Dantewada Range Anil Kumar Jha, Second Command Officer (Intelligence) CRPF Dantewada Range Satya Narayan Tanwar, and Additional Superintendent of Police Dantewada Ramkumar Barman (SPS) at DRG office Dantewada. The surrendered outlaws are Sonu Madvi, Paro Madvi, Maso Muchaki, Bode Kunjam, Rajman Lekam, Jaggu Karam, Manju alias Manjula Ichcham, Somaru Madkam, Manku Ichcham, Dilip Vatti, Sushhila Ichcham, Parvati Barsa, Rajesh Kunjam, Rekha alias Masa Mandavi, Maniram Atra, Sitaram Ichcham, Sannu Atra, Sudhru Kunjam, Dashri Telam, Manoj alias Manish Barsa, Laxman Oyam, Rajkumar Oyam and Sitaram Oyam. Among the surrendered insurgents, 20 were persuaded by DRG Force Dantewada and three by RFT, CRPF Dantewada.
The Superintendent of Police, Dantewada, will provide each surrendered Maoist with an amount of Rs 25,000 and all benefits under the rehabilitation scheme of the Chhattisgarh government. It is worth mentioning here that in recent months, the Dantewada district police, along with CRPF, have been actively engaging with Maoists under the Naxal Eradication Campaign and the Chhattisgarh government's Rehabilitation Policy. The administration's Naxal rehabilitation policy is being extensively promoted in every village, resulting in a visible change among Maoist cadres, with a significant number surrendering. Under the Lon Varratu campaign alone, a total of 761 Maoists, including 177 wanted cadres, have surrendered and reintegrated into society.