BJP lodges police complaint over fake video of Amit Shah
   Date :01-May-2024

BJP lodges police complaint  
The Hitavada State Bureau
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has initiated a protest against the circulation of a fake video featuring Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Led by Industries Minister Lakhan Lal Dewangan, Forest Minister Kedar Kashyap, and BJP District President Dr. Rajeev Singh, BJP workers filed a complaint at the City Kotwali police station. In the complaint letter, the BJP alleges that the Telangana Congress wing circulated a doctored video of Union Home Minister Amit Shah through its official social media platform, misrepresenting his original speech. The altered video falsely implies that Shah intended to abolish reservation if the BJP were to form the government.
The original version of the video, according to the BJP’s complaint, reveals that Shah actually stated, “If the Bharatiya Janata Party forms the government, we will end the unconstitutional Muslim reservation.” This statement was made in the context of ensuring the rights of SC, ST, and OBC communities in Telangana. However, the Congress manipulated the original statement to mislead the public about reservation policies. The BJP asserts that the dissemination of this fake video aims to create confusion and conflict among different sections of society and is particularly harmful to SC, ST, and OBC communities.
The party demands strict action against the responsible members of the Telangana Congress Party, including its national executive members, leaders, social media operators, and workers involved in circulating the video. During a press conference at Maharaja Hotel, Transport Nagar, BJP State President Kiran Singh Dev, Labor Minister Lakhan Lal Dewangan, Forest Minister Kedar Kashyap, and District President Dr. Rajeev Singh expressed their protest and urged the police administration to take stringent action against the Congress members involved in the conspiracy. They emphasised the need for registering a criminal case (FIR) against the perpetrators.