Mahadev betting app case: Five bookies held from West Bengal
   Date :13-May-2024

Mahadev  betting  app case 
Staff Reporter
The Raipur Police, acting on organisational input, has busted a major cricket betting operation running through the Mahadev App panel with the arrest of five interstate bookies from West Bengal. A total of 13 bookies, including 5 from West Bengal, have been apprehended so far in the case. The operation, spearheaded by the Anti-Crime and Cyber Unit in coordination with local law enforcement, targeted bookies operating through the Mahadev 364 panel during the IPL cricket matches. The arrested individuals were found to be residents of Bihar, who had rented flats in Kolkata to carry out their illicit activities. During the raid, law enforcement seized a significant amount of incriminating evidence, including 7 laptops, 19 mobile phones, 7 passbooks, 5 checkbooks, and 10 ATMs, collectively valued at approximately Rs. 6,60,000/-. These items were crucial in facilitating the illegal betting operations orchestrated by the apprehended bookies. Earlier, 08 bookies were arrested from Kolkata and from their possession 05 laptops used in betting operations, 36 mobile phones worth about Rs 12,00,000/- and 24 of bank pass books and 24 of ATM cards were confiscated.
The seized laptops and mobile phones contain valuable information regarding transactions amounting to over Rs 32 crore, shedding light on the extensive network of illegal betting operations orchestrated by the arrested individuals. Furthermore, the investigation has uncovered details of 35 bank accounts used for operating the betting panel, as well as information about thousands of players involved in the illicit gambling activities. The Raipur Police has registered a case against the bookies under various sections of the Gambling Prohibition Act 2022, the Indian Penal Code, and the Indian Telegraph Act, reflecting the severity of their offenses. The arrested individuals have been identified as Gopi Yadav, Mahesh Yadav, Mithun Kumar Yadav, Mukesh Kumar Yadav, and Rupesh Kumar Yadav, all residents of Bihar. Their apprehension underscores the multi-state nature of the illegal betting syndicate and the concerted efforts of law enforcement agencies to dismantle such networks. A Crime Section 7 of the Gambling Prohibition Act 2022 is registered at Ganj Police Station.
Also 420 and 120B of Indian Penal Code and Section 25C of the Indian Telegraph Act and Section 66C of IT Act have also been invoked. During the of the IPL-2024, a total of 62 accused have been arrested so far in 09 cases by the team of Anti Crime and Cyber Unit. Police have obtained information about about 110 bank accounts from these accused men. Officials are also corresponded with the banks to hold/freeze the amounts received in the bank accounts. This operation is part of a broader initiative by the Raipur Police to clamp down on cricket betting activities during the IPL season. Under the guidance of Inspector General of Police Raipur Range, Amresh Mishra, and Senior Superintendent of Police, Santosh Kumar Singh, the police force is committed to effectively curbing the menace of illegal gambling and ensuring a fair and safe environment for sports enthusiasts and bettors alike.