Truck carrying electrical cables goes up in flames, no casualties
   Date :13-May-2024

Truck carrying electrical cables 
Staff Reporter
In a tragic incident, a truck carrying electrical cables worth lakhs caught fire at Jabalpur-Damoh border, near 27-mile mark. As soon as the fire broke out in the truck, the driver and conductor jumped out to save their lives. The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon around 1 pm. On receiving the information about fire in the truck, local residents immediately informed Tendukheda and Patan police stations. Both stations then apprised respective fire stations, which pressed fire tenders to the scene and successfully extinguished the fire in the truck. However, the incident led to disruptions on the Jabalpur-Tendukheda route for nearly one and a half hour. The police are investigating about the owner of the truck and destination of the electrical cables being transported to Jabalpur.
According to the information received, on Sunday afternoon, a truck laden with electrical cables was heading towards Jabalpur. When it reached near 27-mile mark on the Damoh-Jabalpur border, a fire suddenly broke out. The driver realized smoke was coming out of the bonnet and by the time he could react, the fire had already spread inside the cabin. Showing presence of mind, the driver parked the truck on the side of the road and jumped to safety, saving his life. The local residents immediately informed the Patan and Tendukheda police stations about the fire incident. Subsequently, the fire brigade team arrived at the site and brought the fire under control.
The exact cause of the fire in the truck is yet to be determined. Eyewitnesses informed that the truck was loaded with electrical cables. Suddenly, a fire broke out in the truck, engulfing the entire vehicle. By the time the fire brigade team arrived, the truck had already been reduced to ashes. The incident caused significant disruptions to the traffic flow for quite some time. After the fire broke out, the Patan-Tendukheda route remained closed for about one and a half hour.