3 killed as military truck crashes into passenger bus, 15 injured
   Date :14-May-2024

3 killed as military truck crashes 
Senior Special
In a horrific road accident, a car and a bus collided with a military truck on Monday morning in Rajgarh district. The collision was so strong that the army vehicle with soldiers collided with the car and overturned. In this accident, 3 people, including an Army soldier, were killed while many people were injured. According to the police, the death toll may increase. Earlier, it was said that 5 people had died in this accident. The army vehicle collided with a car and came from the other side of the road and overturned. Meanwhile, passenger bus going from Guna to Bhopal also collided with an army vehicle. This terrible road accident happened in Pilukhedi of Kurawar police station area of Rajgarh district at around 10 in the morning.
According to the police, accident happened near the thread factory in Pilukhedi, Rajgarh. The passenger bus hit the divider and entered a building. The people injured in the accident sent to Bhopal for treatment. So far 3 people have died in this accident. About 11 people have been injured. It is said that a bus driver and his cleaner have died in the accident. An employee going to work to the factory also died in the accident. After the incident, there was a jam on the road due to which long queues of vehicles formed on both sides of the road. On Sunday, six people of the same family of Chaukse Nagar died in a car accident in Salkanpur, which included a six-month-old child.