Forest Deptt refutes claims of Rs 40 lakh allocation for wild buffaloes in Barnawapara
   Date :14-May-2024

Forest Deptt refutes claims 
Staff Reporter
The Forest Department has denied claims of allocating Rs 40 lakh for wild buffaloes in Barnawapara, stating that only Rs 25 lakh was allocated. Earlier reports on May 12, 2023, regarding expenditures in Barnawapara for forest buffaloes, mentioned an allocation of Rs 40 lakh for 2023-24, which the department refuted, clarifying that a budget of Rs 25 lakh was indeed allocated. Wildlife activist Nitin Singhvi, citing documents obtained under the Right to Information Act, provided evidence of the Rs 40 lakh allocation to the Divisional Forest Officer, Baloda Bazaar, by the Office of the Field Director, Udanti Sita River Tiger Reserve. Despite this, when questioned about expenditure details, the headquarters and the Field Director’s office failed to provide information, claiming they were unaware.
This information about budget allocation only came to light after filing the first appeal under the Right to Information.
The department has acknowledged an expenditure of Rs. 4.60 lakh on water. Regarding the failed plan to increase the population of forest buffaloes, the department has neither confirmed nor denied it. The department has not refuted any other figures provided earlier. For transparency's sake, the department should disclose how many crores have been spent on forest buffaloes imported from Assam.