After 13 days: School principal held for rape of minor girl
   Date :15-May-2024

School principal held  
Staff Reporter
The residents of Bhopal were left shell-shocked when news emerged that a school Principal, identified as Miniraj Modi, has been apprehended for allegedly raping an eight-year-old girl. The accused was taken into custody by the Misrod police personnel 13 days after the victim’s mother filed an FIR. The accused, Miniraj Modi, was arrested 13 days after the victim’s mother lodged the FIR. The incident came to light during a counselling session conducted by the Child Welfare Committee, however, the courageous young girl reiterated her allegations. Encouraged by her daughter’s bravery, the mother made no delay in approaching the authorities and formally complained about the accused. Late on Monday night, the police swiftly took Modi into custody.
Additionally, a dedicated Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been formed to delve deeper into the case and seek justice for the young girl. As per the reports, the minor girl was allegedly raped at the boarding school hostel in Misrod within the days of admission. The incident came into the notice after a few days when she started crying on the call with her mother. The mother got worried and immediately went to meet her and the minor complained of the pain in her private parts. After that the mother went to report the matter to the police. The mother alleged the police did not file the report or give permission for a medical test saying it was late at night. Then, the complaint was filed on the night of May 2 under Section 376 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code, and under relevant sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offence (POCSO) Act after a medical test which proved the sexual assault.
In the aftermath of the arrest, a comprehensive medical examination of the victim was conducted to gather evidence and ensure her well-being. Sadly, that victim was taken for the medical test three times. The officials said there was a problem with the previous reports and at the request of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) another medical test was done. An 8-year-old minor had to go through the pain of a medical test. According to the law, if proven guilty, this crime carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, extendable to life imprisonment. Parents and students alike are grappling with the horrifying revelation, questioning how such a heinous incident could occur within the supposedly safe confines of a school environment. As the case unfolds, the Bhopal community confronts the disturbing reality of child abuse, emphasising the need for heightened vigilance to another level and protection for vulnerable individuals. Miniraj Modi’s arrest serves as a stark reminder that perpetrators of such reprehensible acts will be held accountable, regardless of their position or societal status.