Another fire incident makes people dubious about safety
   Date :15-May-2024

Another fire incident
Staff Reporter
A massive fire broke out at a auto parts shop near Shahjahanabad Islami gate. As per the sources, the prima facie investigation revealed that the fire broke out due to short circuit late night around 3:30 and led to the incineration of material worth lakhs of rupees. Another shop adjacent to auto parts shop was also engulfed in fire. The fire brigade team of Fatehgarh Kabadkhana reached the site and was able to douse the fire after an hour. Since the shop had seats covers and foams along with the auto parts that further accelerated the fire. Billowing flames could be seen up to 10 to 15 ft according to the eyewitness.
The fire team took the shutter gate out and got the fire under control. As per sources the authorities are guiding the people regarding the safety tips to prevent the fire incidents amid such scorching weather. Notably numerous fire incidents broke out in the city recently. These terrifying fire incidents are making locals dubious about their safety. Recently, fire broke out in two scarp shops in zone 2 of Maharana Pratap Nagar. Though no causalities were reported, it took 2 hours to bring the fire under control. On May 6 fire broke out at Union Carbide warehouse, on May 7 fire incident occurred at Ayodhya Nagar, it was on may 8 that co-operative office D block, old secretariat was engulfed in fire, on May 9 and 10 fire broke out at Gautam Nagar and Zone 2, MP Nagar respectively.