Cleanliness drive: JMC’s rally at ISBT premises
   Date :15-May-2024

Cleanliness drive 
Staff Reporter
In order to inculcate the habit of maintaining cleanliness in and outside the residence amongst citizens, the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation is carrying out a special cleanliness and awareness campaign in the city. In the series of events, the civic body conducted a rally at ISBT premises in Damohnaka. On the occasion, senior officials of health department stated that the beauty of the city is reflected from cleanliness. Therefore, by adopting cleanliness in our lives, we not only stay healthy ourselves but also inspire people living in nearby areas to stay healthy.
Deputy Commissioner, Vidyanand Bajpai also addressed the citizens and sanitation workers present during the grand cleanliness campaign. He stressed that a clean environment should be visible all around the city and for this purpose, the municipal corporation has prepared a calendar for conducting cleanliness campaigns ward-wise and engaging the community in voluntary sanitation activities. He urged everyone to work with full dedication and honesty in their role as responsible citizens for cleanliness, so that the beauty of the city can be acknowledged by visitors and the city can achieve national recognition.
Bajpai said that a special cleanliness campaign was conducted in Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay ward. A cleanliness rally and street play were organized in various parts of the ward. He informed that through cleanliness rally and street play in the premises of the Deendayal Bus Stand and various streets of the ward, citizens were made aware and motivated towards cleanliness. Likewise, the JMC officials, employees also highlighted the dangers of single-use plastics and diseases associated with them to the general public, shopkeepers and pedestrians in commercial and residential areas. Bajpai urged citizens to dispose of waste generated from their homes and shops only in the municipal corporation’s garbage collection vehicles and also appealed for their responsibility towards nature by promoting tree plantation.