Cops rescue woman held captive in farmhouse for a year!
   Date :15-May-2024

Cops rescue woman  
Staff Reporter
The Govindpuri police on the instructions of Police Commissioner Harinarayanchari Mishra rescued a woman who was held captive for the past one and a half year in a farmhouse in Laharpur near Barkheda Pathani. The police along with members of Lakshmi Narayan Anandam Club and social workers rescued the woman and admitted her to Hamidia Hospital. As per the reports the rescued woman was undernourished and lost significant amount of weight. The Sub Inspector of Govindpuri Police Station Sonia Patel told that they received the information about this abhorrent act through phone call by Dr Kripashankar Chaubey, member of J J Board.
The police when reached the destination along with the members of Lakshmi Narayan Anandam Club Mohan Soni and Dr Zeeshan Ayaan Khan and social worker Mankidevi and Sulakshana Yadav told that the caged woman became hostile and after efforts the police authorities succeeded in bringing her out. The team when rescued the woman tonsure her head and bathed her. The woman was later admitted to Hamidia Hospital for medical check-up. Victim’s husband told that, she was mentally unstable, became hostile and starts swearing when approached. He further stated that to prevent any unpleasant incident the family deemed it necessary to incarcerate her. The police also counselled the family of the victim to take proper care of the woman and also take her for future medical check-up.