MLA Ajay Vishnoi, Dr Gumasta to take part in celebrations at Sri Lanka
   Date :15-May-2024

MLA Ajay Vishnoi 
Staff Reporter
Alongside Sanskardhani, a moment of immense sanctity, jubilation and pride has dawned for the country. The sacred scripture and cornerstone of the Indian culture, the Ramayana has attained international recognition. On May 19, a momentous occasion regarding the international recognition of the Ramayana scripture will be celebrated with great pride across India and the world. This event will take place at the Ashok Vatika in Sri Lanka, where Mata Sita resided for 10 months, when consecration ceremony and jalabhishekh of idol of the goddess take place at a magnificent Sita Temple.
In the grand ceremony, MLA Ajay Vishnoi and Dr. Akhilesh Gumasta from Jabalpur have been invited. Both invited dignitaries today visited Kali Dham Temple situated on the banks of river Narmada to receive the Narmada Kalash for consecration of the idol of Mata Sita with sanctified water from river Narmada. To take part in the main ceremony of the consecration, MLA Vishnoi and Dr Gumasta would departed for Sri Lanka with the Narmada Kalash on May 17 from Jabalpur.
It may be noted that the task of promoting the Ramayana on the global stage has been undertaken by the World Ramayana Conference held in Jabalpur, which has already hosted three such conferences and received international recognition for its efforts. MLA Vishnoi and Dr Gumasta said this event is a testament to India’s soft power foreign policy, as after the consecration of Ramlalla in Ayodhya, now the consecration of Maa Sita’s statue in Ashok Vatika, Sri Lanka is taking place. On the occasion of Janaki Navami, Sri Lanka’s President Ranil Wickremesinghe and Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena will participate in the programme. Dr. Gumasta said this temple of Mata Sita is the lone temple in entire world.