Self-study, relying on NCERT books helped me a lot: Param Vastani, CBSE Std X Vidarbha topper
   Date :15-May-2024

Self-study, relying on NCERT books  
By Vikas Vaidya
Nowadays most people say, self-study or textbook based study doesn’t fetch one good marks, though it makes one’s foundation stronger. But Param Vastani, a student of Centre Point School, Dabha (Amravati bypass) did self-study, sacrificing personal entertainment and is Vidarbha topper in Class X examinations conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and scored 99.4%. Param is a ‘good boy’ by nature. His body language is a kind of spiritual. Unlike other children of his age, despite scoring such a great percentage, he was quite cool. He was happy but in his eyes one could see he has yet to reach zenith. His parents Chetan (father), owner of Dass Jewelers and Divya (mother), a homemaker did not have to ask Param to study. He himself is a very self-disciplined boy. “I have NCERT books and I mostly relied upon those. One has to exert one’s mind when one studies from textbooks. I enjoyed it. Secondly, I did separate planning for everyday and had set daily target which I used to complete.
That feeling of completion made me stay stressless,” explained Param. Like other children, Param does use mobile and spends time with his friends. He likes to play Badminton. But, he feels one should have self-control. From November 2023 onwards, he gradually started relinquishing everything except study. He increased his focus on studies. Param has Miraya, his elder sister who too is a fine performer, an inspiration to him. Miraya is pursuing BBA. She will be going to Australia for her next studies. His grandmother Kalpana Vastani too has joined her son and daughter-in-law in not pushing Param to study.
“Apart from my parents, I would attribute my success to my school teachers, my principal who supported every children of our school. In fact, they took special efforts on us individually. The questions they prepared for us helped me a lot while writing examination,” said Param. “Param is dedicated and committed. He perseveres a lot. He tries to acquire knowledge from every source because of which his General Knowledge is very good. He never sacrificed study for his pleasure. This is the wonderful quality he has,” admired his mother Divya. Param has interest in politics and economics. He will be opting Commerce in Class XI. His aim is to pursue career in economics and finances. He wants to go for schools like London School of Economics. He keeps on searching the admission criterions to get entry in top schools that teach economics.