JMC Commr meets builders to discuss city’s beautification criteria
   Date :17-May-2024

JMC Commr meets builders 
Staff Reporter
The Jabalpur Municipal Corporation is taking all needed initiatives to beautify the city. Now, the civic body has decided to carry out the necessary works of city beautification through public participation. Accordingly, Municipal Commissioner Preeti Yadav held a meeting with all prominent builders of the city to provide them with information about the criteria of city beautification and sought their suggestions. During the meeting, she instructed concerned officials to implement suggestions received from the buildings and take immediate action.
During the meeting the Municipal Commissioner discussed not only cleanliness but also issues related to clean air and a healthy lifestyle in the city and requested cooperation from all in the regard. In response to the appeal and request of the Municipal Commissioner, the builders present at the meeting assured their full support and cooperation in the JMC’s ongoing beautification campaigns. During the meeting, the builders said that they would carry out painting of dividers and mural work on walls in their respective areas and surrounding areas to enhance the city’s appearance. They also assured that they would support the Municipal Corporation in tree planting programmes and create small gardens in the areas where colonies are developed or construction work is undertaken.
These gardens will serve as a positive message to society by planting various species of plants for environmental conservation. Expressing gratitude for the suggestions and collaborative commitment from the builders, Municipal Commissioner Yadav said “This city is your own city, you all have grown up in this city. Whatever work you do here, you will be honoured and recognized for it during the JMC’s events”. At the end of the meeting, all present assured that they would provide the JMC administration with the required level of support wherever and whenever needed.