Air travel ordeal: AAI ED Operations assures flight connectivity to Mumbai from city
   Date :18-May-2024

Air travel ordeal 
Staff Reporter
Archana Bhatnagar, former Chairperson of Confederation of Indian Industry (Mahakoshal Region) has taken a significant step towards improving air services in Jabalpur. In an important meeting held in Delhi, she drew attention to the critical issue of Jabalpur's air connectivity with Ministry of Civil Aviation Secretary Vumlunmang Vualnam, IAS and Joint Secretary Rubina Ali, IAS. Dr Bhatnagar said Jabalpur Airport is operated by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) and that cooperation from the authority is vital for obtaining flight slot permissions, particularly for flights to Mumbai. To address the same, she held a key meeting with AAI ED Operations Raju and his team, who assured her that they would consider the matter.
Dr. Bhatnagar who is also the Chairperson of Madhya Pradesh Association of Women Entrepreneur (MAWE) said it is a matter of great joy and pride for entire Mahakoshal region that the Secretary of Ministry of Civil Aviation recognised the seriousness of the issue and assured that due attention would be given to the slot allotment for initiating flights to Mumbai from Jabalpur. She said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi envisions India as a developed nation soon, but for tier-2 cities like Jabalpur it seems that in the race for development, the city is regressing. The reduction of flights from 12 to only 5 has left the people of Jabalpur feeling frustrated and disconnected. Despite the intense concern among the residents, the relevant ministries and officials in Delhi seemed unaware of the situation.
For the past one year, industrialist Nitin Bhatnagar, Director of Haylide Chemicals Pvt Ltd has been drawing attention to the issue through numerous tweets and emails to the concerned authorities but received disappointing responses from the Department of Civil Aviation. However, Dr. Bhatnagar said that the meeting with the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Airport Authority was very productive. She said members of MAWE including President Bhavana Madan, Senior Vice President Satrupa Rabra, Vice President Usha Gupta, Secretary Monika Jolly, Joint Secretaries Nisha Nair, Najish Khan are hopeful that the Jabalpur-Mumbai flight will resume soon.