CM Sai lauds BJP’s manifesto in Odisha
   Date :18-May-2024

CM Sai lauds BJP’s manifesto 
Staff Reporter
Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnu Deo Sai lauded the BJP’s manifesto at a rally at village Bugdega in Odisha, emphasising key promises for farmers and women on Friday. Sai highlighted that if a double-engine BJP government is elected, Odisha’s farmers will receive Rs 3,100 per quintal for their paddy, mirroring Chhattisgarh’s successful procurement program. This initiative aims to bolster Odisha’s agricultural sector. Sai praised Chhattisgarh’s approach to paddy procurement, which sets a high standard. “In Chhattisgarh, known as the rice bowl, we value our farmers immensely. Our BJP government fulfills its promise by procuring paddy at Rs 3100 per quintal and paying the difference amount in one go. If BJP forms the government on June 4, the same will be done in Odisha,” he declared.
Furthermore, Sai introduced the Subhadra scheme for Odisha, inspired by Chhattisgarh’s Mahatari Vandan scheme, which provides Rs 1000 monthly to over seventy lakh mothers and sisters. In Odisha, the BJP plans to offer Rs 50,000 one-time voucher under the Subhadra scheme. Sai asserted, “A guarantee by Narendra Modi means fulfillment. Odisha should choose a double-engine government to benefit from BJP’s reliable promises, as seen in Chhattisgarh.” Campaigning in Balishankara, Sundargarh, Bijepur, Bargarh, and Birmaharajpur, Balangir, Sai stressed the significance of the upcoming Lok Sabha election for granting Prime Minister Narendra Modi a third term. He highlighted BJP’s longstanding commitment to tribal welfare, noting the establishment of a separate Ministry of Tribal Affairs by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Odisha’s Jual Oram’s tenure as its minister, which ensured substantial support for tribal communities.
Sai also addressed the state’s rehabilitation policy encouraging Naxalite surrenders and mentioned potential policy improvements. He criticized the Congress for politicizing actions against Naxalites, urging them to adopt a non-political stance on security matters. “When 29 Naxalites were killed, Congress and the opposition called it fake despite a list from the Naxalites themselves. They question even surgical and air strikes. Such matters should be viewed beyond politics,” Sai stated. Speaking to journalists at the police ground helipad, Sai reiterated BJP’s dedication to development, security, and welfare. He urged Odisha voters to support a double-engine government to replicate Chhattisgarh’s successes, emphasizing BJP’s commitment to their promises.