Counting of tigers, wild animals begins in ATR
   Date :18-May-2024

wild animals begins in ATR 
Our Correspondent
The Forest Department has started counting of tigers and other wild animals through trap cameras in Achanakmar Tiger Reserve (ATR) from Wednesday. Two cameras have been installed on each grid so that when wild animals pass in front of it, the cameras will automatically click and capture their pictures. The calculation of animals inside ATR will continue with this method for 25-days. Thereafter, the chip installed in cameras will be saved in the computer for assessment of animals in ATR. The counting of tigers will be done on the basis of their stripes. The ATR management has made elaborate preparations for animal census in the sanctuary. According to forest officials with increasing number of tigers in the forest, ATR has been declared a tiger protected area and after this exercise, the officials will be able to know the exact number of wild cats inside the jungle.
This is the second round of Phase-4 monitoring. In the first phase, counting of animals was done through transit and trail line method. According to the authorities, counting through trap cameras is an important method as photographs of wild animals are captured directly, provided the cameras are installed at the right place. Ahead of fourth phased census, WWF (World Wildlife Federation) members explained where and how to install the cameras so that the wild animals, especially tigers can be counted in a better way. The officials after identifying the sites tested the cameras thoroughly before installing them in core zone. The field staffs were also given training to monitor the movement of big cats in the forest.
During census, every day the forest staffs will go inside ATR to ensure that the trap cameras are safe. The battery of the cameras will also be changed in every 3-4 days although the chip will not be tampered with in any way. ATR management is hopeful that the number of tigers in ATR will increase this time. “Currently it is confirmed that there are eight to nine tigers in ATR. The environment in ATR environment is ideal for the national animal with sufficient food and water”, informed Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Satyadev Sharma.