Temp soars above 420C in 19 cities
   Date :18-May-2024

Temp soars 
Staff Reporter
Weather system for the rain and storm in Madhya Pradesh is becoming weak. Meteorology Department has forecast five days rainfall in various districts amid the scorching heat condition. On Friday, day temperature touched 44.9 degree Celsius in Gwalior following with 44.5 degree Celsius in Guna. There are 19 districts in state having maximum temperature above 40 degree Celsius. Unseasonal rain and storm continues in Madhya Pradesh for past one week. Meteorology Department has forecast scorching heat and heat waves in northern part of state including Gwalior and Chambal region on May 18. Rainfall will be continued in state for two more days. With this continuous rainfall, day temperature has been declined by two to three notches in all cities.
On Friday, highest day temperature was recorded as 44.9 degree Celsius in Gwalior. Lowest day temperature was recorded as 32.1 degree Celsius in Malajkhand. ‘Nautapa’ period which is considered as hottest nine days in Madhya Pradesh will be falling from May 25 to June 2. Weather department has forecast cloud cover and rain during Nautapa this year. Maximum temperature in Bhopal was recorded as 40.2 degree Celsius and minimum 28.8 degree Celsius. Gwalior recorded day temperature as 44.9 degree Celsius and minimum 27.1 degree Celsius. Indore recorded maximum temperature 39.9 degree Celsius and minimum 28.0 degree Celsius. Ujjain recorded day temperature 42.5 degree Celsius and minimum 28.4 degree Celsius. Jabalpur recorded maximum temperature as 35.4 degree Celsius and minimum 26.6 degree Celsius.