Ultimate MMA warriors win medals
   Date :18-May-2024

Ultimate MMA warriors 
Sports Reporter
PLAYERS of Ultimate MMA Combat Warriors Centre of Nagpur won three gold and six bronze medals in the recently held 7th National Mixed Martial Arts Championship which was organised by Chhattisgarh Mixed Martial Arts Association in Raipur. The event was organised under the aegis of MMA India and International Mixed Martial Arts Federation. In the fiercely held competition, players from all over India participated. Maharashtra team got the first place in the tournament and team from Ultimate MMA Combat Warriors Centre of Nagpur excelled.
The gold medals were won by Yogesh Vaidya, Mugdha Dawande and Saumya Murkute while bronze medallists were Bhushan Chaple, Prarthana, Purva, Praneet, Akshata and Mansi. All the players give the credit for their success to coach Bhushan Chaple and Sharif Bapu. President of MMA India and Maharashtra Mixed Martial Arts Association, congratulated all the players and coaches of the Nagpur team.