Prajwal Revanna’s videos: D K Shivakumar,ministers rubbish BJP leader’s claim
   Date :19-May-2024

Prajwal Revanna
KARNATAKA Deputy Chief Minister DKShivakumar and other state ministers on Saturdayrubbishedallegations about their role in the circulation of pen drives containing explicit videos involving Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna. BJP leader and advocate G DevarajeGowda,whoisincustody after being arrested in a sexual abuse case and is also facingchargesofvideoleak,on FridayallegedthatShivakumar and four other ministers are behind the circulation of the pendrives andwasbeing fixed infalsecasesashedidnotagree to be part of their plan.
He has even alleged that he was offered Rs 100 crore by Shivakumar to “bring a bad name” to the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and to tarnish the image of JD(S) leader HDKumaraswamy in Prajwal Revanna’s obscene video case. Speaking to reporters here, Shivakumar said, “Better, let him (Gowda) file a case before Lokayuktaoranyotheragency. I think he has some problems mentally. I’m very sorry, the national and state media shouldn’t have picked up such baseless allegations. A person whois injail,how canhemake such allegations? All these are baseless. I don’t want to comment.” Asked if he will be filing any defamation case against Gowda, he said, “I don’t want tomakeanycommentorspeak on a person who is mentally sick. I appeal to his party people to get him a good treatment.”