‘BJP will end Naxalism in 2 yrs if voted to power’
   Date :02-May-2024

BJP will end  Naxalism  
Our Correspondent
Union Home Minister Amit Shah criticised the Congress party, alleging that Naxalism thrived under Bhupesh Baghel Government and spoke about the swift action taken by the BJP Government led by Vishnu Deo Sai, which resulted in the neutralisation of 95 Naxalites within four months, with 350 arrests and numerous surrenders. Shah was addressing an election rally in Katghora. Shah asserted that under Prime Minister Modi's leadership, Naxalism has been eradicated from Bihar, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh within five years. He attributed the persistence of the issue in Chhattisgarh to the governance of Bhupesh Baghel, promising that if PM Modi secures a third term, the BJP will eliminate Naxalism from the state within two years.
Launching a scathing attack on the Congress,Union Minister Shah, accused the party of indulging solely in vote bank politics and prioritizing minority interests. Shah claimed that despite being invited, the Congress refused to attend the consecration of Ram Lalla, highlighting what he perceived as the party's disregard for sentiments of the majority Hindus. According to Shah, the Congress's mantra revolves around continuous falsehoods, exemplified by their recent claim that Modi's premiership would lead to the end of reservation. Countering this, Shah pointed out that during the BJP's ten-year tenure with a majority government, key issues such as Article 370, terrorism, and Naxalism were addressed, emphasizing the party's commitment to these causes. Furthermore, he assured the public that as long as the BJP holds even a single MP, reservation policies will remain intact.
Addressing the issue of COVID vaccination, Shah highlighted Modi's efforts in safeguarding the nation by ensuring free access to the vaccine. He criticized Rahul Gandhi for initially discouraging people from receiving the vaccine by referring to it as ‘Modi vaccine,’ only to later receive the vaccine himself, along with his sister, under the cover of darkness. Shah condemned this as a display of Rahul Gandhi's shamelessness, exploiting the COVID crisis to undermine Modi. BJP holds MLAs in 6 out of 8 assembly seats within the Korba Lok Sabha constituency. Despite BJP's control in Manendragarh, Bharatpur-Sonhat, Baikunthpur, and Marwahi, the party's presence in Korba remains scattered. BJP's position in Rampur and PaliTanakhar is relatively weak. Amit Shah's visit is perceived as an attempt to bolster morale among party workers.