Providing education should not have profit motive: Dr Taksale
   Date :25-May-2024

Dr Taksale
Business Reporter :
WITH an aim of developing an education hub for kids belonging to all sections ofthe society, Dr Rajabhau Taksale set up St. Paul School here in thecityin2000.DrTaksalestarted the school on a small piece oflandmeasuring1,500square feet in the then ‘undeveloped’ Hudkeshwar Road area, sans approach roads, with a handful of teachers. Besides lack of resources, there were other challenges before him to run the school in thatremote area. However 24 years down the line, the school not only managedtogrowexponentially,but also succeeded in carving a niche for itself in the competitive world of education. Launchedwithasmallgroup of 60 students (in the school’s firstacademicsession),St.Paul School emerged as one of the best schools offering quality education to nearly 8,000 students. The school now occupies a sprawling 3 acre campus on Hudkeshwar Road and second campus on 10 acres landinDhamna,Chikanawith state-of-the-art facilities.
Threeeducationalinstitutes - St. Paul SchoolCBSE; St. Paul School International (CBSE); and St. Paul Junior&Senior College;areofferingeducation to students from class 1 to 12. In addition, St. Paul College of Pharmacy on Hudkeshwar Road at Dhamna, Chikana is further shaping students’ futures and creating responsible citizens. Inanexclusive interview, Dr Taksale, Directoroftheschool, told The Hitavada on Friday that St. Paul School was launched with a mission to educate local students. “Our focus has always been providing high-quality education to the students in nearby areas at minimal fees,” he explained. Dr Taksale further highlighted that running a school has always been a social commitment for him.
“We never look at it from the commercial angle and thus our fees structure is very reasonable. The main idea behind it is to offer qualityeducationeventothose who cannot afford the hefty fees charged by many private schools,” he said, pointing out that education should be a socialcause,notaprofitmotive. Dr Dewagna Punde, Principal of the school, said, “The students are assisted to grow morally, intellectually, physicallyandsociallybyinculcating in them the habits of basicvirtues likehonesty, dedication, hard work, excellence inbothacademicandnon-academic activities,” she said. Dr Punde also highlighted the grandsuccessofstudentsinthe recent class 10 and 12 examinations.